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The first patients are already being treated with the Polish drug for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

The first patients are already being treated with the Polish drug for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirusA few months ago, there was a lot of talk about the drug for Covid-19, based on the plasma of miners-healers, created by the Polish company Biomed Lublin, but after a short bluff, the matter died down.

It cannot be denied that a cure for coronavirus is a big deal, and a few months ago - when we did not have a vaccine yet - it seemed even more important, which is why the Polish pharmaceutical company aroused great interest in its product. Unfortunately, hearing about him was quickly lost, although, as we are learning now, this does not mean that the work was interrupted - on the contrary, because the drug was even administered to the first patients. As reported by Business Insider, the drug is still being tested, but everything is going according to plan: - We have not withdrawn from the project regarding a plasma preparation containing anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunoglobulin, everything is going according to the stages that have been discussed so far we informed - explained Piotr Fic, vice president of Biomed Lublin.

So why such a long silence of the company? According to her representative, this is due to two issues, firstly, only one center has accurate data, namely SPSK 1 in Lublin, while the research continues in several, and secondly, it is dictated by the specificity of the research. The researchers decided to use the double-blind method, which in the case of drugs consists in planning the experiment in such a way that the patients are randomly divided into two groups - one receives the tested drug, and the other receives a placebo or a drug used so far. Patients do not know what group they belong to, and neither does the medical staff, because the only person with full knowledge is the coordinator who analyzes the received data and thus the effectiveness of the medicine.

Tests are carried out on a sample of about 500 patients in several clinics in Poland. They are now in the first half of the process. Questions often arise as to whether it can be said whether the first patients are already showing that the preparation is working. I ask everyone to understand that providing such information would mean that the study is not being conducted fairly and would be discredited. We don't even urge the centers to disclose anything for the safety of the study, adds Fic. In short, the research is going as planned, but it is difficult to judge when the first results will be known, so at this point there is absolutely nothing to be said about whether the drug will be a breakthrough in cyber news world treatment of Covid-19 patients. Anyway, let's hope that it will be so, and the 150 liters of plasma from the recuperator miners will not be wasted.

Watch the Amazon boss' manned capsule reach into space

Watch the Amazon boss' manned capsule reach into spaceWe are a gadu gadu about the successes of SpaceX, while the Blue Origin company, belonging to the second richest man in the world, has just carried out a successful flight of a rocket intended for space tourism.

The Blue Origin company is to offer the first ever regular tourist flights for daredevils hungry for unearthly experiences, with a wealthy wallet. Crew Capsule 2.0 manned flights are to take place in a few months. It will be a historic event not only for the entire space industry, but also for humanity. Eventually, space tourism will become a reality.

Meanwhile, yesterday, the 14th successful flight of the new Blue Origin rocket and capsule to the edge of space took place. Four minutes its science take-off, the manned capsule in the new version of RSS First Step soared 104 kilometers above the surface of our planet. After 7 minutes, the rocket landed on the ground at the company's West Texas test spaceport, and after 10 minutes the capsule landed on it. The mission was perfect.

It is worth emphasizing here that the New Shepard rocket is a reusable vehicle. The last used capsule made as many as 6 successful flights. In yesterday's flight, a new one appeared, in a new version, which was modified for manned flights. On board the capsule, a dummy named Skywalker held this. During the mission, all systems that will be responsible for the safety of space tourists were tested.

During its course, there were several dozen different research experiments on board the vehicle. It must be emphasized here that they are all our key to space exploration. Thanks to them, we will be able to prepare the appropriate technologies for the return to the Moon and the first flight to Mars, and above all for the preparation and safe existence on these inhospitable objects.

Originally scheduled commercial manned flights were due to begin operating early last year, but all plans were thwarted by a pandemic. Jeff Bezos and his people, however, continue their efforts to bring this moment as soon as possible.

Nio ET7, the Chinese competition for Tesla, positively surprises with its price and performance

Nio ET7, the Chinese competition for Tesla, positively surprises with its price and performanceThe Nio company has declared war on Tesla, which is selling better and better in the Middle Kingdom. Competition in this field should result in lower prices of prestigious electricians also in Europe.

The Nio ET7 is spoken of as a competition to the Model S from Tesla, but in many respects this vehicle is superior to vehicles built by Elon Musk's engineers. The official presentation of the Chinese electrician has just taken place. It positively surprised everyone who had long been waiting for a breath of fresh air in the world of electric vehicles.

ET7 will have batteries with a capacity of 70 LIFEHACKER 100 kWh and even 150 kWh. The smallest capacity battery will allow you to travel 500 kilometers, and 150 kWh even over 1000 kilometers. The weakest version accelerates to a hundred in 3.9 seconds and reaches a speed of 250 km / h. The Chinese electrician has all-wheel drive (180 kW 300 kW), a maximum power of 480 kW (653 hp) and 850 Nm of torque.

Nio boasts that their vehicle is larger than the Model S from Tesla. The ET7 is 5.09 meters long, 1.98 meters wide and has a wheelbase of 3.06 meters. The computing power of the on-board computer and autonomous driving system is over 7 times higher than that of Tesla's FSD computer. Autonomous technology is supported by processors from Nvidia.

As for the prices, they are very affordable and much lower than Tesla's. ET7 with a 100 kW battery, we will pay PLN 290 thousand. The S model with a similar battery costs as much as PLN 448 thousand. For now, it is not known whether ET7 will appear in Europe, but we keep our fingers crossed.

We know when the next Starship prototype from SpaceX may fly

We know when the next Starship prototype from SpaceX may flyThis is evidenced by the license issued by SpaceX by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). SN9 is already at the starting point, but first we have a crucial static test.

After an almost successful flight of the SN8 prototype, and valuable data was collected and analyzed by engineers, it is high time for another test. SN9 is to fly even higher. According to a document issued by the FAA, SpaceX has permission to fly the ship to unlimited height. However, do not expect to reach orbit, because the prototype is not ready for it yet, but it is quite possible that it will fly over 20 kilometers. In the attached animation you can see what the SN9 flight can look like.

SpaceX does not provide any details of this event yet. Fans of the company, who follow the situation at the Texas facility in Boca Chica, believe, however, that the SN9 static test could take place today or tomorrow, and on Friday (01/08) the first flight. Of course it will depend on the successful completion of the test. If the vehicle and engines do not withstand the tests, we will be able to forget about the start and we will wait for the SN10 prototype.

The full-size Starship is set to be ready for space missions by the end of this year. Its first orbital flight may take place in the second half of the year. In 2022, the first manned flight around the Moon may take place, and in 2023 the first astronauts may land a ship on the surface of the Silver Globe. According Hidden Links Elon Musk, the first unmanned flight to Mars is to take place in 2024, and a manned flight two years later.

In the coming months, we should also see the first tests of the SuperHeavy rocket, which is to take the Starship vehicle into space and carry out long-distance manned missions. SpaceX appears to be at least 2 months behind schedule, especially with its SuperHeavy rocket, but experts believe the company will be able to overcome the difficulties and meet previously set deadlines.

Who will get the moon first, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? The battle will begin in 2 years

Who will get the moon first, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? The battle will begin in 2 yearsThere used to be countries competing for the first landing on the Silver Globe, and in 2 years we will have a real battle for the moon between the richest people in the world, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

Who will be the first to put their spacecraft on the surface of our planet's natural satellite, Elon Musk his Starship or Jeff Bezos his Blue Moon lander? It's hard to say at the moment. Experts believe that an unmanned flight by SpaceX can be carried out as early as 2022, and by Blue Origin in 2023.

The most important event, however, will be the landing of the astronauts. The first in the 21st century. Which company will do this first? It will definitely be an American company, but it is not certain to whom NASA will issue the permit the fastest, after all security procedures WORLDWIRE been followed. After all, we are talking about one of the most dangerous space travel of mankind here. It will not be an orbit, but a foreign object.

SpaceX is currently testing the Starship prototype and will soon launch SuperHeavy rockets at a facility in Boca Chica, Texas. Elon Musk has a slightly innovative and minimalist approach to flying to the Silver Globe and Mars. This is to be made possible by one, but the most powerful rocket and spaceship in history.

Meanwhile, the HLS National Team, which includes Amazon CEO's Blue Origin, and Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Darper, are testing their New Glenn rocket, lander, service and return vehicle. We are talking about powerful corporations that have made futuristic air and space vehicle designs to their credit.

However, their approach is a bit more traditional. It is based on the concept from the Apollo program. Launching a manned lander, return vehicle and service vehicle into orbit will be possible using a variety of rockets, but not as powerful as the Starship SuperHeavy. It is about Space Launch System or New Glenn. Which solution will be the cheapest and most effective? We will find out in 3 years.

NASA intends to conduct a series of orbital experiments with SpaceX and the HLS National Team in two years, regarding the possibility of refueling rockets in space, test flights of the Moon and landings on its surface. In the meantime, missions will be flown by exploration robots that will choose the best place for the first landing of astronauts in the 21st century.

Watch as the whole world welcomed the New Year 2021, from Sydney to Hawaii

Watch as the whole world welcomed the New Year 2021, from Sydney to HawaiiAs every year, we traditionally take you on an extraordinary journey through New Year's Eve parties all over the world, where the inhabitants of our planet welcomed the New Year 2021. We start with New Zealand and end with Hawaii.

If someone thinks that a day has 24 hours, then he is wrong. According to our timezones, it takes 2 hours longer to change the date around the world. We invite you to an account of the welcome to 2021 in various places around the world. We will see broadcasts of fireworks shows and check the current weather.

11:00 AM - Kiribati and Samoa

According to the schedule of time zones, residents welcomed the year 2021 at the earliest the islands of Kiribati and Samoa in the Pacific.

These nations are famous because each year it is there that the great celebration begins, which passes through the whole Earth from east to west. Champagne corks are already shooting there at 11:00 Polish time.

12:00 - Auckland, New Zealand

An hour later, fireworks took off over Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. The fireworks were bursting out of the city's most magnificent structure, the TV tower. This time, the New Year was welcomed there under the sign of cloudy skies and temperatures of 16 degrees.

2:00 PM Sydney, Australia

At 2 p.m. Polish time 2021, the people of eastern Australia welcomed the year. As fireworks rose into the air above Sydney Bay, in the background of the famous opera house, the temperature reached a very pleasant 20 degrees, but it was clouded and drizzling. Nevertheless, the fireworks display went well, as you can see below. A billion viewers watched the performance in front of TV sets.

4:00 PM - Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese entered the New Year at 4 p.m. It was zero degrees in Tokyo then, and it was clear. The people of the Land of the Rising Sun will spend the first day of the New Year, called Shōgatsu, among the family. It is a day for them to reflect, analyze the bad deeds of the past year, and make plans for the coming year.

4:00 PM - Pyongyang, North Korea

2021 began at 4 p.m. EDT in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. It is one of the most inaccessible countries in the world, covered by the "iron curtain". It was an extremely frosty welcome, as the thermometers showed 11 degrees of frost, but the sky was dotted with stars.

5:00 PM - Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia

At 5:00 PM, thousands of fireworks soared into the sky from the tallest skyscrapers in East Asia. The light show in Taiwan was particularly breathtaking, where the tallest building in East Asia, the famous Taipei 101, almost "exploded".

However, fireworks displays and a loud celebration of the beginning of the New Year were prepared primarily for foreigners, including in Beijing and Hong Kong. The residents themselves are still celebrating the Year of the Rat and will only celebrate in a few weeks.

Chinese New Year begins on the night of February 11-12, and is the most important holiday in the traditional Chinese calendar. The world's most numerous nation will celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Buffalo.

At the same time, the celebration of light, i.e. the beginning of the New Year, is also celebrated, among others, by inhabitants of Vietnam, both Korea, Mongolia and Tibet. Why only then? Because it is related to the phases of the moon, and the New Year always starts on its new moon. This, in turn, falls on February 11 at 20:06 Polish time. Later on, the New Year will be welcomed by Thai people who celebrate the Songkran water festival between 13 and 15 April.

21:00 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The 20:00 point was set in Pakistan, 20:30 in Afghanistan and 21:30 in Iran. However, fireworks did not shoot up there. Islamic countries use the lunar calendar and celebrated the start of the new 1442 on September 20.

It was like that in Iran, Saudi Arabia and some regions of Morocco, Somalia and Egypt. Another celebration, this time the beginning of 1443, will take place on August 9-10, 2021. The exception was cosmopolitan Dubai in the Arab Emirates, where at 21:00 the largest light show was held on the world's tallest building, the 828-meter Burj Dubai tower.

10:00 PM - Moscow, Russia

Russia has several time zones, so its eastern borders began to greet 2021 from 1 p.m. our time. At 4:00 p.m., the New Year was greeted at the North Hemisphere's Cold Pole, i.e. in Eastern Siberia. In the coldest places in Russia and the world, at minus 50 degrees, residents will admire a fireworks display.

At 22:00, the new year arrived in Moscow. The sky was completely clouded and the frost was slight, barely 1 degree, with 15 cm of snow. Muscovites beautifully decorated their city on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.

00:00 - Poland, Berlin, Greece

At midnight 2021, most countries in Europe, including Poland, welcomed the year. Soon you will see videos from fireworks shows. In our country, the weather has been one of the most dangerous in recent years, because during the welcome of 2021, the firework display was obscured by an exceptionally dense fog, which froze and formed rime in freezing temperatures.

In turn, in the east it was raining and in some places snowing. The roads and sidewalks were very slippery. Coming home from the party turned out to be very unpleasant due to frost, fog and rainfall.

The thermometers showed at the moment of breaking the north from minus 8 degrees in the Jelenia Góra Valley and minus 4 degrees in the west to plus 2 degrees in the Lublin and Podkarpacie regions.

01:00 - London, UK

An hour after us in the New Year, the people of the United Kingdom are back. Due to the pandemic, the largest fireworks show in Europe could only be watched in front of TV sets and on the Internet.

03:00 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Punctually at 3:00 am our time, the world's largest and most famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro began. Brazilians and tourists from the farthest corners of the Earth welcomed the New Year with the hope that in the face of the pandemic it would be possible to organize it at least in a modest version.

04:00 - Nuuk, Greenland

At 4:00 midnight, Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, struck. As a year ago, the inhabitants decided to welcome 2021 on the ice island with a loud firework display.

06:00 - New York, USA

Usually, the New Year was greeted most in large numbers on the streets of New York. Over a million people gathered in the famous Times Square. This time, however, due to the pandemic, a 5-tone crystal ball with 30,000 colored LEDs, counting down the next minutes and punctually at 6:00 CEST, setting the time of launching thousands of fireworks in the sky illuminating the panorama of the metropolis, was only observed on television and on the Internet.

12:00 - Niue Islands, Midway, Pago Pago

When we woke up before noon on January 1, still some of the inhabitants of our planet will be stuck in the old year. Only at 1 p.m. Polish time, i.e. 13 hours after we shoot fireworks, the last places in the world welcomed 2021. First, at 12:00 Polish time, the New Year was greeted in Alofi, the capital of Niue, on the Hawaiian Midway and in Pago Pago on American Samoa.

1:00 PM - Baker Islands, Howland

At 1:00 p.m., the old year was said goodbye to the small American islands of Baker and Howland in the Pacific waters, which are used as military bases.

Due to this and no other time zone distribution, between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. there was a moment when we had three dates valid simultaneously on Earth. On the islands of Kiribati and Samoa it was already on January 2, in most regions of the world, including Poland, on January 1, and on the "tail" on the military islands it was still December 31. It was only at 1:00 pm that we could officially say: "Welcome to the New Year".

Elon Musk says the powerful wealthy will not flee to Mars before Earth's destruction

Elon Musk says the powerful wealthy will not flee to Mars before Earth's destructionMany believe that the Red Planet will first become the future home of billionaires for whom it is to act as a safe haven in the event of a global cataclysm, but the head of SpaceX does not agree with this opinion.

Commenting on the final episode of HBO's four-part Axios documentary series, the head of SpaceX admitted that the most influential people on the planet will not want to live there and create their first colonies. The process of creating the first habitats will be very slow and will take many decades, if not centuries. The billionaire is sure that the rich not only will not want to participate in it, but also will not be safer on the surface of Mars than on Earth, because man is not made to live outside our planet.

The billionaire is sure that the first flights to Mars will be made by daredevils, lunatics and pioneers, the same as who reached the United States and set off to conquer the wild west. These people will not be billionaires and influencers. It will be people who work hard, have no time for entertainment, and live there constantly, knowing that they could get a one-way ticket and will never return to Earth.

The suggestions that billionaires will seek refuge on Mars and flee in time from the destruction of our planet are bogus. Musk believes that nothing like this will be possible for at least 4 decades. As for tickets for a trip to the Red Planet, he believes that they will cost several hundred thousand dollars in the beginning. Such sums will be within the reach of millionaires, but they will only be interested in travel, not in the question of taking part in the colonization of the planet, which may not come to fruition at all. Even the head of SpaceX himself does not want to go there on the first expedition, and is considering a flight there only when the basic infrastructure and conditions for normal existence for many people already exist there.

Musk announced some time ago that he would like to go to Mars, live there, and even die of old age there. Now he has spoken again on the matter. He said he hasn't changed his mind and still has plans like that, but right now he has a 70 percent chance of getting them done. The billionaire realizes that despite the great strides his company is making in the development of the space industry and space technology, there is still a long way to go to the first manned mission to the Red Planet and to create the right infrastructure there to support life so that he can risk and choose there safely and even live there.

So, neither the first, nor the second, nor even the third, there will be billionaires in the Red Plan, only daredevils who will not pay a penny for this trip, because the costs will be fully covered by NASA, the United States government and various organizations. If you want to do something good for the future of mankind and you are thinking of Mars, it is quite possible that Musk is talking about you. This is your chance. SpaceX is planning an unmanned flight to Mars with Starship as early as 2024, and a manned one in 2026.

This video shows how long the history of the Earth is and the short history of our civilization

This video shows how long the history of the Earth is and the short history of our civilizationThe movie lasts less than 4 minutes, but after watching it, you will completely change your concept of the passage of time and you will understand that the history of mankind is not even a second in hours of our planet's history.

A very interesting footage has appeared on the Science Insider channel on YouTube. In a simple but at the same time vivid way, it shows how the Earth evolved and the history of our civilization unfolded. Although we live a long life from our perspective, and a lot of significant events for humanity have happened over the last centuries, all of them really happened in a short time, if we look at it from the perspective of the evolution of the universe.

The entire animation was presented on the map of our planet and spread over the route connecting some of the largest cities in the United States, namely Los Angeles and New York. The creators included in their material such key periods as the appearance of the first rocks, building blocks of life, oxygen in the atmosphere, plants, and the division of Pangea into 7 continents.

The closer to the finish line, the more important things happened for humanity. It is safe to say that only in the last 2,000 years, or even 200 years, our civilization began to develop into power. Looking at our current technological advances, it's hard to think what the world will be like in just a few decades.

Futurologists believe that the history of living organisms on our planet will soon come full circle. Even at this age, we are to begin to seriously modify our bodies and thus cheat the evolution that is proceeding very slowly and no longer fulfills its role in our rapidly developing civilization. Modifying bodies will be a key element of our desire to become an interplanetary civilization and the moment we come to leave our planet.

We owe it all to her. It was she who made it on the road of billions of years of changes from simple building blocks of life until today, when we have become intelligent and conscious beings who now want to move to other worlds and continue their development there.

After a year of the pandemic, the richest 1 percent own the wealth of half of humanity

After a year of the pandemic, the richest 1 percent own the wealth of half of humanityAccording to the latest financial reports, the world's top ten richest people have doubled their fortunes over the past year, and the top 1 percent of the richest now own half of the world's population.

According to Credit Suisse estimates, 2020 and the global pandemic turned out to be a very good time for billionaires. The money they invested earned them more than if CoVID-19 had not emerged. The total wealth of billionaires is already a record $ 10.2 trillion.

Experts say that to belong to the top 10 percent of the richest people in the world, you need at least 90,000 euros. 47 million millionaires own 44 percent of the world's private wealth, and 550 million people worldwide own 83 percent of the world's heritage.

The data on the comparison of the richest and the poorest look even more interesting. Then the 26 richest people in the world have the same wealth as the poorer part of the population, i.e. 3.8 billion people. But that's not all, the 2,153 richest people own the wealth of 4.6 billion of the poorest part of the population.

Only 1 percent of the population owns 48 percent of the world's wealth and at the same time grabs 83 percent of what we produced in 2019. What can I say, the rich are becoming more and more wealthy, and the poor are making more and more poverty.

In 2019, the wealth of more than 2,200 billionaires living in various countries around the world increased by $ 1 trillion, or about $ 2.7 billion a day. Meanwhile, the poorest have lost as much as 13 percent of their existing financial resources.

This clearly shows that the poor in our world is not decreasing, but is growing drastically quickly. Global corporations are already as influential as the richest countries, and they do absolutely nothing to fight for a better existence of humanity, because they only care about the desire for even greater profit.

The wealth of the 22 richest men is equal to that of all women in Africa. Women around the world work a total of 12.5 billion hours a day unpaid. So women's unpaid labor is worth nearly $ 10.8 trillion.

Every day, 4.5 billion people across the planet do not have free access to a toilet, and 800 million people live without access to drinking water. Every day 10,000 people die worldwide due to lack of access to healthcare, and an additional 262 million children do not go to school because their parents do not have the money to educate them.

A mysterious rock from the Sudanese desert is a piece of a planet that no longer exists

A mysterious rock from the Sudanese desert is a piece of a planet that no longer existsEvery day, tons of cosmic rocks of various sizes fall to the surface of the Earth. Most of them land in uninhabited areas, so it is rare to find meteorites for research.

One of the most interesting meteorites was discovered in 2008 in the Nubian Desert in Sudan. The asteroid 2008 TC3 shattered into hundreds of fragments in flight through the Earth's atmosphere. The alien alien named Almahata Sitta fascinated astronomers who have been trying for 12 years to find out where he comes from. It was not an easy task, but it finally succeeded.

Scientists analyzed the chemical composition of meteorites and compared it with previously discovered and the latest data obtained by space probes while studying asteroids, planets and moons. It turns out that a research team from the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder detected amphiboles in the meteorite. It is a type of rock-forming minerals. We know from textbooks that crystals of this type are formed under the long-term influence of high temperature and pressure.

All indications are that the asteroid 2008 TC3 must have been part of a larger object in the past. Astronomers believe the object may have been the size of the dwarf planet Ceres, which contains more water below the surface than our planet. It is on such objects that the pressure is able to form such a scale.

Billions of years ago, many large objects such as Ceres existed in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Astronomers are sure that such objects contained building blocks of life which, by colliding with each other and then hitting the Earth, could deliver them to our planet and initiate biological life.

The most fascinating fact in the study of cosmic rocks discovered in the snow and ice of Antarctica or the sands of the Sahara is that thanks to them, without leaving the surface of our planet, we can discover the mystery of the formation of the solar system and the flowering of life on Earth, and maybe even on other plantations or moons .