Disney snatches one of the biggest series from ProSieben

It's a rattling bang that shakes linear television a bit: Grey's Anatomy will be on both ProSieben and Disney from season 17. DWDL found out about this in an interview.

Disney senior vice president Eun-Kyung Park said of the deal:

We explain the background to this news and what it means for ProSieben.

ProSieben loses its crown jewels to Disney: First the Simpsons, now Grey's Anatomy

The Grey's Anatomy doctor series has been running at ProSieben for 15 years. It is a quota guarantor and institution in a time when hardly any series are watched on traditional TV. New seasons are TV events, although their importance diminished over the years.

And that's the point: ProSieben has been bowing to the changed viewing habits for a long time. The new episodes of Grey's could always be streamed on Joyn. Nobody was dependent on linear broadcasting, as was the case in 2006, when the first episode of the hospital series was shown in Germany.

What's changed: The Disney expansion Star goes online on February 23rd. Disney sucks in brands from all over the world and shows them watch series online its own platform. This now applies to Grey's and, for a few months now, The Simpsons, another long-standing ProSieben crown jewel.

Big series now at ProSieben and Disney: Is that a challenge? (No)

Again: Both series can still be seen on ProSieben, but no longer exclusively. In addition, ProSieben maintains close relationships with Disney. Both companies worked together when Disney started in Germany a little less than a year ago.

ProSieben showed the first episode The Mandalorian exclusively as a German premiere. Before Disney. Attention for ProSieben, advertising for Disney, one hand washed the other.

Small industry detail: Before her position at Disney, Eun-Kyung Park was manager at ProSiebenSat.1. If Disney ProSieben is now lurking Grey's, it looks more like a friendly compromise in this context.

ProSieben will lose few, if at all, viewers on Wednesday at prime time. In return, Disney is allowed to offer its subscribers one of the longest running and best-known drama series.

This is the new streaming reality. ProSieben has long recognized that fictional material is more likely to be watched on Netflix, Prime and Disney. Instead, the station powers as many successful live shows as not since the Raab era. The 4th season of The Masked Singer starts today.

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Where will you watch Grey's Anatomy in the future?