Scientists will send unthinkable data using a cosmic quantum network The Chinese Academy of Sciences is making great strides in building the world's first space quantum network, through which it will be possible to exchange information impossible for cybercriminals to intercept.

Although the first steps in this matter were made 4 years ago, only the best is ahead of us. China is working intensively on building the world's first quantum satellite network, in which information would be encrypted in such a way that it would be virtually impossible to read by unauthorized persons. Any such attempt would result in irreversible destruction of the information, and the sender will know about such actions.

The satellite Micius went into orbit last summer. On its board there is a crystal that generates pairs of entangled photons. Some time ago, an unusual experiment was conducted. During it, a pair of entangled photons were sent from orbit to the earth's surface to three earth stations separated by about 1,200 kilometers.

Depending on the position of the satellite, the pairs of particles traveled from 1,600 to 2,400 kilometers. It was a great success, as so far experiments have been carried out successfully over a distance of only 100 kilometers. Thus, the Chinese managed to lay the foundations for a new, safest communication in the history of the world, based on the technology of transmitting information over great distances using the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.

Recently, scientists conducted a successful ground-based experiment in which they sent the MDI-QKD key. It is essential for the safe transfer of information. It protects known and undiscovered channels by which hackers will try to read the information being sent. Now scientists are getting ready to send the MDI-QKD key over the Micius satellite.

This is not an easy task as this technology has limitations that scientists are trying to overcome. One of them is the temperature changes of the device itself. Chinese researchers believe, however, that in just two years they will be able to transmit simple information wirelessly CYBERBIT their institutes using satellites, and not via the ground, via optical fibers. In this way, they want to eliminate traditional forms of communication and physical devices. They are the weakest link, as they can be easily stored.

The Middle Kingdom is now an absolute world pioneer in quantum communication technology. For some time now, several Chinese banks and institutions have been using super-secure quantum encryption on a daily basis. In fact, this is just the beginning of the revolution that the world has long been waiting for. Scientists from the United States have been building one of the largest quantum networks on our planet for several months. However, it is a fiber-based system, so we are talking here about what is much more vulnerable than wireless communication in the case of technology developed by the Chinese.