Star Wars competition for Dwayne Johnson: The best of all Jedi becomes a grinning fighting machine

DC and Marvel fight superhero muscle war. While Chris Hemsworth trains for the next Thor gig, Dwayne Johnson wants to raise the biceps bar even higher for DC. Now with Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor an unexpected challenger for the Star Wars franchise throws himself into the ring - and shows that the series could present a new kind of Jedi.

Star Wars Fighting Machine Obi-Wan: Be careful, Dwayne Johnson

Preparations for the series about one of the greatest Jedi of all time are in full swing. Filming has not started yet, but Ewan McGregor has already spruced up his body for the role, as he now proves with a picture.

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The insight was shared by fitness trainer Tony Horton. He shows Horton flexing his muscles in the gym alongside Ewan McGregor. It looks like training for Obi-Wan's return.

However, the picture not only shows that the Star Wars franchise can compete with the muscle swagger on the part of Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson. There are also some interesting conclusions that can be drawn for the Obi-Wan series.

Change in the Star Wars universe: This is what the picture says about Obi-Wan

Jedi Knights aren't exactly known for their broad shoulders and brute natures. Although they are considered excellent fighters, according to their code they much prefer to solve conflicts without violence. Obi-Wan is a prime example of this, who with his level-headedness and eloquence is one of the best of the Jedi.

Star Wars brings out xmovies tv new type of Jedi

But times have changed with the Obi-Wan series. The Jedi were brutally wiped out and all their level-headedness could not save them. Obi-Wan flees to the barren desert planet Tattooine and fights for survival there. The times of state-supporting diplomacy and noble ideals are over.

Ewan McGregor's muscles show two things: First, Obi-Wan has to cultivate a new type of Jedi on Tattooine who can assert himself against murderous sand people, deadly predators or devious bounty hunters on one of the most brutal worlds of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi gets down to business

Second, it also means that we should expect a good dose of action in the Obi-Wan series. After all, McGregor doesn't train for fun - additional muscle mass is often used by actors to protect them during sweaty fight choreographies.

The actor's Instagram ostentation should not only defeat Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson, but also put a smile on the face of the many fans. It proves how much we can look forward to in Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Are you looking forward to the Obi Wan series too?