This is how the construction of the first sea launch pad for Starship looks like Elon Musk's company has very ambitious plans for its most powerful private space transportation system in history. SpaceX already has floating landing sites and will now build launch pads.

The billionaire wrote on Twitter some time ago that the floating space port will be used to launch SuperHeavy rockets and Starship ships not only with missions to the Moon and Mars, but also for travel between Earth's metropolises. SpaceX wants to provide business people with super-fast travel around the world. Now we can finally see the construction of the first such facility in the port city of Brownsville. The platform has a very telling name, namely Deimos. This is the name of one of the moons of Mars.

The construction of sea platforms will be necessary due to the noise problem generated by Musk's vehicle launches. NASA has conducted hyperlinks research on this matter. It turns out that the takeoffs will be deafening to the inhabitants of Cape Canaveral and even much of Florida. The matter is very serious because the company wants to organize starts even several times a day.

I've been exploring around the Port of Brownsville while waiting for Starship testing and found an oil rig that appears to be named Deimos, after one of the moons of Mars! Based on job postings and @ elonmusk's tweets, I'm willing to bet that SpaceX is involved. @NASASpaceflight

“Most of the spaceports for Starship will likely need to be around 20 miles offshore to ensure acceptable noise levels, especially for frequent daily flights, as will be the case for intercity flights. SpaceX will build floating, SuperHeavy classes, space ports for travel to Mars, the Moon and the hypersonic around the world, ”wrote Elon Musk on Twitter.

The research shows that the noise generated during the Starship launch will reach even 150 decibels at the platform, 100 decibels within 30 kilometers from the platform and 90 decibels within 60 kilometers. It should be emphasized here that noise levels over 100 decibels can cause headaches and is dangerous to human health.

Yeah been watching that for a while, here’s the water view

Sea launch pads will also be necessary for another point. NASA wrote in the report that in the above cities, the noise of supersonic rockets will generate a pressure of 28 kPa, i.e. windows in buildings will have to withstand the pressure, as if someone threw a 20-kilogram weight at them.

If Starship starts from New York or Los Angeles, they will have to do so far away from the city, otherwise the quality of life and safety of residents will be significantly reduced. Musk some time ago considered building flying taxis from Tesla. They would deliver passengers from cities to launch pads located at sea or in the ocean. Transport by ship or the construction of underwater tunnels of the Hyperloop / Loop system, thanks to which it will be possible to quickly and efficiently deliver as many as 100 passengers to Starship ships at the same time, is also possible.