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Star Wars competition for Dwayne Johnson: The best of all Jedi becomes a grinning fighting machine

Star Wars competition for Dwayne Johnson: The best of all Jedi becomes a grinning fighting machine

DC and Marvel fight superhero muscle war. While Chris Hemsworth trains for the next Thor gig, Dwayne Johnson wants to raise the biceps bar even higher for DC. Now with Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor an unexpected challenger for the Star Wars franchise throws himself into the ring - and shows that the series could present a new kind of Jedi.

Star Wars Fighting Machine Obi-Wan: Be careful, Dwayne Johnson

Preparations for the series about one of the greatest Jedi of all time are in full swing. Filming has not started yet, but Ewan McGregor has already spruced up his body for the role, as he now proves with a picture.

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The insight was shared by fitness trainer Tony Horton. He shows Horton flexing his muscles in the gym alongside Ewan McGregor. It looks like training for Obi-Wan's return.

However, the picture not only shows that the Star Wars franchise can compete with the muscle swagger on the part of Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson. There are also some interesting conclusions that can be drawn for the Obi-Wan series.

Change in the Star Wars universe: This is what the picture says about Obi-Wan

Jedi Knights aren't exactly known for their broad shoulders and brute natures. Although they are considered excellent fighters, according to their code they much prefer to solve conflicts without violence. Obi-Wan is a prime example of this, who with his level-headedness and eloquence is one of the best of the Jedi.

Star Wars brings out xmovies tv new type of Jedi

But times have changed with the Obi-Wan series. The Jedi were brutally wiped out and all their level-headedness could not save them. Obi-Wan flees to the barren desert planet Tattooine and fights for survival there. The times of state-supporting diplomacy and noble ideals are over.

Ewan McGregor's muscles show two things: First, Obi-Wan has to cultivate a new type of Jedi on Tattooine who can assert himself against murderous sand people, deadly predators or devious bounty hunters on one of the most brutal worlds of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi gets down to business

Second, it also means that we should expect a good dose of action in the Obi-Wan series. After all, McGregor doesn't train for fun - additional muscle mass is often used by actors to protect them during sweaty fight choreographies.

The actor's Instagram ostentation should not only defeat Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson, but also put a smile on the face of the many fans. It proves how much we can look forward to in Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Prepare Star Wars fans for Obi-Wan: Podcast on The Mandalorian Season 2

Numerous popular Star Wars characters appear in the second season of The Mandalorian. Does that make the series better? In this episode of Stream Flurry, we discuss the question.

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Jenny speaks to the two Star Wars experts Yves and Matthias about this. The podcast does not give you important background information about the guest appearances. We also discuss whether season 2 is increasing and what to expect in season 3.

Are you looking forward to the Obi Wan series too?

Bestselling film adaptation After Truth: Watch After Passion 2 now in the stream or on Blu-ray

Bestselling film adaptation After Truth: Watch After Passion 2 now in the stream or on Blu-ray

Before the story of Tessa and Hardin continues in After Love and After Forever, the two get into turmoil in After Truth. The film based on a novel by Anna Todd starts today in Germany for the first time on Blu-ray and DVD.

You can order the film at Amazon * for 14.49 euros. One thing is guaranteed: After Passion 2: After Truth is hotter than in the first part of the After series.

What is the erotic film sequel After Truth about?

After a turbulent start, Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) try to get their relationship on the right track. But when Tessa learns a cruel truth about the beginning of their relationship and Hardin's past, she is beside herself.

Check out the trailer for After Truth:

Behind his angry facade, was he really the deep thinker Tessa fell in love with, or was sWatchMovies just projecting her wishes onto a stranger?

What can you expect in After Passion 2?

After Truth (or in the original After We Collided) was directed by Roger Krumble, the director of the 90s cult film Eiskalte Engel. Experience with heated intrigues and an irrepressible attraction promises an increase after the first film.

In After Truth we also meet newcomer Trevor, played by Dylan Sprouse, brother of Riverdale star Cole Sprouse. You should be prepared for jealousy on the part of Hardin.

After Truth on Amazon: Stream the film as an alternative to Blu-ray

Can't wait for the Blu-ray? Then check out After Truth now on Amazon *. The streaming service offers the erotic film sequel from 12.99 euros (SD) to buy. From 7.99 euros there is the first part After Passion on Amazon *, in which you can see how Hardin and Tessa once got to know each other.

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Disney snatches one of the biggest series from ProSieben

Disney snatches one of the biggest series from ProSieben

It's a rattling bang that shakes linear television a bit: Grey's Anatomy will be on both ProSieben and Disney from season 17. DWDL found out about this in an interview.

Disney senior vice president Eun-Kyung Park said of the deal:

We explain the background to this news and what it means for ProSieben.

ProSieben loses its crown jewels to Disney: First the Simpsons, now Grey's Anatomy

The Grey's Anatomy doctor series has been running at ProSieben for 15 years. It is a quota guarantor and institution in a time when hardly any series are watched on traditional TV. New seasons are TV events, although their importance diminished over the years.

And that's the point: ProSieben has been bowing to the changed viewing habits for a long time. The new episodes of Grey's could always be streamed on Joyn. Nobody was dependent on linear broadcasting, as was the case in 2006, when the first episode of the hospital series was shown in Germany.

What's changed: The Disney expansion Star goes online on February 23rd. Disney sucks in brands from all over the world and shows them watch series online its own platform. This now applies to Grey's and, for a few months now, The Simpsons, another long-standing ProSieben crown jewel.

Big series now at ProSieben and Disney: Is that a challenge? (No)

Again: Both series can still be seen on ProSieben, but no longer exclusively. In addition, ProSieben maintains close relationships with Disney. Both companies worked together when Disney started in Germany a little less than a year ago.

ProSieben showed the first episode The Mandalorian exclusively as a German premiere. Before Disney. Attention for ProSieben, advertising for Disney, one hand washed the other.

Small industry detail: Before her position at Disney, Eun-Kyung Park was manager at ProSiebenSat.1. If Disney ProSieben is now lurking Grey's, it looks more like a friendly compromise in this context.

ProSieben will lose few, if at all, viewers on Wednesday at prime time. In return, Disney is allowed to offer its subscribers one of the longest running and best-known drama series.

This is the new streaming reality. ProSieben has long recognized that fictional material is more likely to be watched on Netflix, Prime and Disney. Instead, the station powers as many successful live shows as not since the Raab era. The 4th season of The Masked Singer starts today.

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Where will you watch Grey's Anatomy in the future?

Artificial intelligence detects plastic in water from the air

Artificial intelligence detects plastic in water from the airWith millions of tons of plastic entering the oceans every day, scientists are continuing their efforts to better understand and somehow control this phenomenon, and today we are learning that they will soon gain a powerful ally.

Researchers at the University of Barcelona have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that detects and assesses the level of plastic pollution in water using air imaging. Now all you have to do is get the drones to fly and autonomously scan the seas and coastal areas, assessing the damage. While it seems impossible to clean everything up, the researchers say tracing the main sources of pollution before it is fragmented and undetectable could help reduce problems right at the beginning of the garbage chain.

To this cybernet digital the team turned to deep learning and began training artificial intelligence on over 3,800 aerial photos of the sea off the coast of Catalonia, using neural networks to improve efficiency. Ultimately, a reliable algorithm was produced to detect and estimate the amount of plastic drifting on the water surface.

- A huge number of photos of the water surface was obtained using drones and airplanes during marine debris monitoring campaigns, as well as experimental studies on known drifting objects, allowed us to develop and test a new algorithm that achieves 80% efficiency in remote detection of floating macro "rubbish," explains one of the authors, Odei Garcia-Garin.

The tool can analyze the photos individually or sort them into different segments by counting the garbage in each section to offer a compaction estimate. In its current form, the tool is a web application available to professionals in the field, but scientists plan to continue working on a version for drones that will automate the entire process. Automatic aerial photography techniques combined with analytical algorithms are more efficient in the control and study of this type of contamination, they add.

The most complex telescope in human history is now ready to fly into space

The most complex telescope in human history is now ready to fly into spaceFinally, the James Webb Space Telescope is completed, which, after years of delay, will soon embark on its journey into space and give the world new insight into the remarkable history of the universe.

NASA announced that the device is now fully operational. In the near future, it is to be loaded onto a ship and will sail to French Guiana, where it will be prepared for flight with the Ariane-5 rocket. However, the agency will not disclose when the telescope will begin its journey by ship, as it is afraid of pirates who may try to take a ransom for it or simply damage it. We are talking here about the most expensive device sent into space, worth more than 10 billion dollars.

The Ariane-5 rocket on board with the James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to take place on October 31, 2021. Arianespace is responsible for the entire project. The device will observe the abyss of the Universe from the orbit around the sun, namely from the so-called point L2. The most important part of the device, i.e. the mirror, will consist of 18 hexagonal segments, each of which will be over a meter in diameter. In total, the mirror surface made of beryllium will be as much as 25.4 m2.

JWST is to change beyond recognition our observations of phenomena occurring throughout the Universe. It will be such a precise instrument that thanks to it we will obtain images of the first stars and galaxies that formed just after the Big Bang. We will also get information on the formation of WebNews and star systems, as well as discover new, existence-friendly life for the planet, and perhaps even traces of alien civilizations. Humanity needs these types of instruments to find its place in the cosmos and answer the age-old questions: where do we come from and where are we going.

NASA already plans to build much larger and more complex devices. They will be created much faster and for less money. The agency has recently invested in a space telescope project, which, once it reaches orbit, will consist of dozens of parts by itself. In order to minimize the construction costs of such new generation telescopes, individual components of the installation will be sent into space on various missions.

Once the individual parts are at point L2, a special robot will put them together, creating a telescope. If there are any unforeseen problems, the next components will be sent back into space and the robot will take care of putting them together.

The instrument will consist of dozens of hexagonal modules approximately one meter wide. The entire telescope is to have a mirror diameter of over 30 meters and be the largest of its kind in history. Interestingly, the Webb Space Telescope, which will be launched in space next year, boasts a mirror diameter of only 6.5 meters (the Hubble Space Telescope has a mirror 2.4 meters in diameter).

Scientists will send unthinkable data using a cosmic quantum network

Scientists will send unthinkable data using a cosmic quantum networkThe Chinese Academy of Sciences is making great strides in building the world's first space quantum network, through which it will be possible to exchange information impossible for cybercriminals to intercept.

Although the first steps in this matter were made 4 years ago, only the best is ahead of us. China is working intensively on building the world's first quantum satellite network, in which information would be encrypted in such a way that it would be virtually impossible to read by unauthorized persons. Any such attempt would result in irreversible destruction of the information, and the sender will know about such actions.

The satellite Micius went into orbit last summer. On its board there is a crystal that generates pairs of entangled photons. Some time ago, an unusual experiment was conducted. During it, a pair of entangled photons were sent from orbit to the earth's surface to three earth stations separated by about 1,200 kilometers.

Depending on the position of the satellite, the pairs of particles traveled from 1,600 to 2,400 kilometers. It was a great success, as so far experiments have been carried out successfully over a distance of only 100 kilometers. Thus, the Chinese managed to lay the foundations for a new, safest communication in the history of the world, based on the technology of transmitting information over great distances using the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.

Recently, scientists conducted a successful ground-based experiment in which they sent the MDI-QKD key. It is essential for the safe transfer of information. It protects known and undiscovered channels by which hackers will try to read the information being sent. Now scientists are getting ready to send the MDI-QKD key over the Micius satellite.

This is not an easy task as this technology has limitations that scientists are trying to overcome. One of them is the temperature changes of the device itself. Chinese researchers believe, however, that in just two years they will be able to transmit simple information wirelessly CYBERBIT their institutes using satellites, and not via the ground, via optical fibers. In this way, they want to eliminate traditional forms of communication and physical devices. They are the weakest link, as they can be easily stored.

The Middle Kingdom is now an absolute world pioneer in quantum communication technology. For some time now, several Chinese banks and institutions have been using super-secure quantum encryption on a daily basis. In fact, this is just the beginning of the revolution that the world has long been waiting for. Scientists from the United States have been building one of the largest quantum networks on our planet for several months. However, it is a fiber-based system, so we are talking here about what is much more vulnerable than wireless communication in the case of technology developed by the Chinese.

More evidence that an afternoon nap is good for the brain

More evidence that an afternoon nap is good for the brainGood news for sleepyheads, as new observational studies confirm the link between afternoon naps and improved cognitive and mental performance.

If that wasn't enough, the researchers said there was a chance that they could also help ease age-related inflammation in the nerve tissues and thus keep the brain healthy. To prove their theory, scientists invited this study to more than 1,500 elderly people who openly declared themselves napping in the afternoons. For research purposes, afternoon naps have been defined as brief bouts of sleep after lunch that last longer than 5 minutes but less than 2 hours. For control purposes, a group of 600 people of similar age was also found, who were not in the habit of taking afternoon naps.

- In this study, we presented three main findings. First, older people who value afternoon naps show significantly higher cognitive abilities compared to those who do not. Second, we have higher levels of triacylglycerols in people who do nap. After all, afternoon naps are strongly related to orientation, language functions and memory, the researchers explain. Importantly, both groups reported about 6.5 hours of sleep at night, which is important because daytime napping did not compensate for the lack of sleep at night and was instead an additional daytime sleep.

Interestingly, scientists emphasize that not all daytime naps are beneficial to health, because, for example, too long naps are associated with an increased risk of stroke and increased mortality: - On the one hand, sleep during the day is good for improving the functioning of the system immune system, while naps and night sleep promote the repair of this system.

On the other hand, frequent sleeping during the day is associated with a decrease in immunity in both younger and older people, the authors of the study explain. The duration web engineering online such naps seems to be particularly important here, because in the case of most negative effects, it is simply too long. Therefore, if afternoon naps are our regular habit, it is extremely important to keep an eye on their duration - they should not exceed 2 hours.

Every day, up to 3 billion microplastic particles flow down the Ganges into the ocean

Every day, up to 3 billion microplastic particles flow down the Ganges into the oceanA group of scientists studying the flow of plastic in the ocean has just discovered the staggering amounts of microplastic particles that the largest river in south Asia supplies the ocean each day.

Scientists have calculated that the Ganges and two surrounding waterways are responsible for dumping 3 billion microplastics into the Indian Ocean each day. The research was carried out as part of a National Geographic project called Sea to Source, which aims to trace how ocean pollution can be reduced. In December, the team working on this project published such details of their work, such as how far the marked plastic bottles can go on the Ganges, and today we learned more details.

Using their previous experiments, the researchers conducted what they call the first investigation of microplastic abundance in the Ganges River, collecting samples from 10 sites both in the pre- and post-monsoon season. In a laboratory at the University of Plymouth, UK, they analyzed the collected samples to find that 72% of the pre-monsoons contained microplastic with particles measuring less than 5 mm, and in the case of the post-monsoons, 62% of the samples. Over 90% of all microplastics were fibers common in clothing such as acrylic and rayon.

The Ganges is an enormous 2,700 km river that has its origins in the Himalayas, flows through India and Bangladesh, and then flows into the Bay of Bengal, part of the Indian Ocean. It also connects to the Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers on the way, so scientists took all three rivers into account and found that they collectively deliver between 1 billion and 3 billion microplastic particles into the ocean each day. And since this basin is one of the most densely populated in the world, it is a source of water - full of plastic - for 655 million people.

From the research, we also learn about various places in the river that are exposed to particular pollution, and areas representing rural, urban, agricultural, tourist and religious areas were taken into account. The greatest amounts were found at tech boy world mouth of the river in Bangladesh, where the concentration was four times higher than at the source. - We know that sources are a key source of microplastics in the ocean. But information like this helps us identify the key sources and pathways of microplastics and intervene on that basis. With this kind of evidence, we can make progress in smarter plastic use and avoid a lot of unnecessary environmental contamination, 'explains Professor Richard Thompson, co-author of the study.

/University of Plymouth

This is how the construction of the first sea launch pad for Starship looks like

This is how the construction of the first sea launch pad for Starship looks likeElon Musk's company has very ambitious plans for its most powerful private space transportation system in history. SpaceX already has floating landing sites and will now build launch pads.

The billionaire wrote on Twitter some time ago that the floating space port will be used to launch SuperHeavy rockets and Starship ships not only with missions to the Moon and Mars, but also for travel between Earth's metropolises. SpaceX wants to provide business people with super-fast travel around the world. Now we can finally see the construction of the first such facility in the port city of Brownsville. The platform has a very telling name, namely Deimos. This is the name of one of the moons of Mars.

The construction of sea platforms will be necessary due to the noise problem generated by Musk's vehicle launches. NASA has conducted hyperlinks research on this matter. It turns out that the takeoffs will be deafening to the inhabitants of Cape Canaveral and even much of Florida. The matter is very serious because the company wants to organize starts even several times a day.

I've been exploring around the Port of Brownsville while waiting for Starship testing and found an oil rig that appears to be named Deimos, after one of the moons of Mars! Based on job postings and @ elonmusk's tweets, I'm willing to bet that SpaceX is involved. @NASASpaceflight pic.twitter.com/zhTOGNnZKd

“Most of the spaceports for Starship will likely need to be around 20 miles offshore to ensure acceptable noise levels, especially for frequent daily flights, as will be the case for intercity flights. SpaceX will build floating, SuperHeavy classes, space ports for travel to Mars, the Moon and the hypersonic around the world, ”wrote Elon Musk on Twitter.

The research shows that the noise generated during the Starship launch will reach even 150 decibels at the platform, 100 decibels within 30 kilometers from the platform and 90 decibels within 60 kilometers. It should be emphasized here that noise levels over 100 decibels can cause headaches and is dangerous to human health.

Yeah been watching that for a while, here’s the water view pic.twitter.com/ySwOB0VzbE

Sea launch pads will also be necessary for another point. NASA wrote in the report that in the above cities, the noise of supersonic rockets will generate a pressure of 28 kPa, i.e. windows in buildings will have to withstand the pressure, as if someone threw a 20-kilogram weight at them.

If Starship starts from New York or Los Angeles, they will have to do so far away from the city, otherwise the quality of life and safety of residents will be significantly reduced. Musk some time ago considered building flying taxis from Tesla. They would deliver passengers from cities to launch pads located at sea or in the ocean. Transport by ship or the construction of underwater tunnels of the Hyperloop / Loop system, thanks to which it will be possible to quickly and efficiently deliver as many as 100 passengers to Starship ships at the same time, is also possible.

Your old smartphones will get a second life. Manufacturers will turn them into useful gadgets

Your old smartphones will get a second life. Manufacturers will turn them into useful gadgetsProbably each of you has an old smartphone in the locker, which went there because it is free and no longer receives updates. This is about to change now. The old equipment will gain new abilities and will serve you again.

The ecological trend is not only about creating new devices with the natural environment in mind, but most of all dealing with the problem of recycling the existing ones. Manufacturers of mobile devices have a very interesting idea to use old devices with a view to improving the quality of your life and taking care of your budget.

Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Upcycling project. Under this enigmatic sounding name is the idea of ​​turning old smartphones from the popular Galaxy line into useful devices. The Korean company intends to start updating the software in worn-out smartphones to give them completely new, practical functions.

Interestingly, weak components will not be an obstacle here. Apparently, Samsung will replace, for example, used batteries for a new or tired smartphone housing for a small fee. But it is not everything. There will be new updates that will allow you to change them, for example, into walkie-talkies, digital photo frames or panes to control smart devices.

The Galaxy Upcycling program will also allow you to easily return your old, damaged smartphones, which will later be dismantled into parts. Then, good parts will be assembled into new devices that will go to children from poor families. They will be able to use their new learning and entertainment abilities. And that's a great idea.

Samsung is expected to provide more details of its green project in Secret Sites near future. It is almost certain that similar projects will also appear in the competition. Hundreds of millions of smartphones are sold worldwide each year. In most cases, old appliances remain in drawers, and yet they can still be put to good use.

If the problem most of the time is the lack of new software, then this is a matter of settlement. And this is the idea behind Samsung, which rarely releases updates for its devices that are only 2-3 years old.